My name is Karska, Bożena Karska.

YES TO DRESS was born in my head and in bed in Milan (no, not because it’s a capitol of fashion . I came to that particular city because of my spontaneity: a call from my friend- there are some places in hotel for almost free to Milano, are we going? Yes, we are! I doesn’t matter that it is raining (also in Milan), it doesn’t matter that credit card is almost empty. We’re going, because you only live once!

And so in that Milan it was raining almost all the time, but because both of us know the city, we spent our time slepping or eating or drinking in restaurant next to our hotel or… in hammam (!). Real one, Turkish one.

During one of that kind of evenings and idea came to my head, idea that I have drawn on some hotel papers and brought to homeland.

YES TO DRESS…people, home, kids, office, yourself. My ownspace that I’ll fill by myself with ideas, projects, taste. With not ending possibilities, excess of ideas, enough strenght for realisation.

And it started, with facebook of course and I didn’t even notice but as it comes out, it can’t work without a website, an online shop.

And so I begin. Keep your fingers crossed Friends, Mates, Strangers:)

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