I. General Provisions

1. Regulations define the terms and conditions of sale in a shop on the www.yestodress.pl

2. The owner of the brand YES TO DRESS by Bożena Karska, and the page www.yestodress.pl is UMA STUDIO Bozena Karska, based in Warsaw, ul. Pląsy 27/1, entered into CEIDG.

3. The sale takes place via the Internet in the form of a distance, between, the contract, hereinafter referred to as the client, and the seller, hereinafter referred to as YES TO DRESS.

4. Buyer may be any natural person, legal person or an organizational unit, without legal personality, having an email account and full legal capacity.

5. The customer is obliged to familiarize himself  with these regulations. Ignorance of the Regulations does not relieve the Customer of the case in accordance with the principles set out in the Regulations.

6. When making purchases, online store customer confirms the fact that he/she is familiarized with the Rules and confirms that he/she accepts it in the current form.


II. Customers data

1. Filling the form with personal data is essential for making the deal. In the interest of the Client is to provide accurate data and to provide the contact details of the goods ordered - YES TO DRESS is not responsible for any consequences resulting from incorrect application data.

2. YES TO DRESS reserves the right to withdraw from the contract if the information given by the Customer during REGISTRATION are incomplete (no name, address, phone number or email address), or if the information given by the Client is incorrect or untrue.


III. Privacy Policy

1. Personal data given by the Customer is voluntary, but not providing it precludes the sale. Making the purchase, the Customer consents to the use of personal data in range needed to order realisation (i.e. for the delivery of the package and the settlements).


IV.  Subject of Activity

1. Sale of clothes and accessories is the subject of activity of YES TO DRESS.

2. YES TO DRESS provides photos and descriptions of products. We are striving to provide the highest quality of photos and so they could show accurate state and colors of products. Potential color differences between photos and delivered product are the result of technical problems and YES TO DRESS does not take responsibility for that.


V. Purchase

1.  You can order from YES TO DRESS by filling the form placed on the website www.yestodress.pl

2. Adding the product to the “basket” and pressing the confirmation icon means making the order.

3. After making an order, the Customer is given an automatically generated e-mail, with confirmation of the order.

4. The payment is regulated by the Customer through the money on an account:

UMA STUDIO Bożena Karska

02-828 Warszawa, ul. Pląsy 27/1

IDEA BANK    19 1950 0001 2006 0418 2306 0002

The payment should be done no longer than 3 days after getting the confirmation e-mail. Payment is a precondition for making the result of the deal of sale.


VI. Prices

1. All prices given on the website are gross prices in polish zloty. A receipt is added to order.

2. Given prices do not include the price of delivery.

3. The cost of courier delivery in Poland is 15 zł, the cost of foreign delivery via Polish Mail requires an individual pricing, that depends on a country of delivery and the weight of product.

4. Term of realisation of order, from the post of money on the account is from 1 to 6 working days. Precise term of delivery YES TO DRESS gives in e-mail, sent after making an order.


VII. Returns and complaints

1. According to the act from the day of 2 march 2000, about protecting some rights of customers and the responsibility for harm made by dangerous product, buyer has the right to return a product in term of 10 days from the day of the delivery, with the receipt given with product.  Returned product can not have any signs of use. It must be provided in an intact state, which is the state of delivery to the Customer. If the product is returned amicably to the terms, YES TO DRESS returns the payment in term of 10 working days to indicated account.

2. YES TO DRESS does not take the responsibillity of erroneous use of the product.

3. Physical defects (damages) should be reported immediately, at the latest in 2 days from the delivery. Small differences of colors between photos and reality are the result of technical problems, and can not be the cause of complaint. YES TO DRESS endeavors to make the photographs in the highest quality.

4. The damage of the package made during delivery will be taken into consideration only if the damage is reported to employee of the courier company or Polish Mail in the moment of delivery.


VIII. Copyright

1. All products given on the website www.yestodress.pl are designed by Bożena Karska and are underlied to copyright protection on grounds of the law about copyright.


In cases not regulated with these terms, the use have rules of Civil Code.